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What Happened to the Boundary?

A lot has changed in the network security world in the last 10 years. The firewall used to be a fixture in a network's perimeter security design where network specialists used to create complex security rules to define and control the permitted inbound and outbound traffic. Lately, the role of the network firewall and perimeter defense has come under question as it seems the perimeter has disappeared. Don't get me wrong, a network's firewall is still a

IT Infrastructure management services for nonprofits

IT Infrastructure management services for nonprofits
We live in a technical world. Every organization whether it is a commercial enterprise, a nonprofit, government agency or a public service organization has a technology based strategy and a digital presence. With the advantages of technology also comes the burden of maintaining this technology and maintaining the technical skills within the organization. This is easily said than done. Every minute and every dollar spent supporting technical issues, learnin...